What To Wear: Girls Fall Weekend? Everyday Errands?

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Are you planning your girls weekend to New York or Chicago? Or to the mountains? Maybe even the beach. I've been packing so many clients for Fall trips, making sure they look chic and fabulous and don't get blisters while shopping or bad hair while hiking, or, worst of all, accused of being a tourist. FOMO setting in. I couldn't take it. So last night when a friend of mine told me she had rented a house in upstate New York for the month and could I come, 5 minutes later I was booked on Southwest. And I'm praying I get snowed in, because that's my dream. My philosophy for packing is this: wear there what you wear here, just adjust for the weather and temps. In other words, don't go buy new clothes! Shop your closet! So really, whether you're off somewhere with the girls, or running around your own city taking care of business, you can pull from your Fall wardrobe, with just a few considerations like comfortable shoes and smart layers. And if you're missing something, you can shop my suggestions at the end of the post!

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What To Wear: Fall Weekend Getaway or A Regular Day Running Errands!

Start with jeans - but good jeans. No holes, stains or saggy bottoms.

Then add a crisp blouse (this one is machine washable). The collar instantly upgrades the look.

Now, for the 3rd piece, the finisher. A cool jacket. This also functions as your layering piece that can be added or removed as the weather dictates. If you're worried about rain, pass on the suede and go for a different kind of jacket like this trench.

Now for the shoes. Don't you find boots (this is the perfect ankle-dipping shape!) are the most comfortable? You get that ankle support, which is so important for long days. But sometimes I just want to slide into a mule (if I don't need warm socks for my toesies).

I also like a crossbody bag. Frees up your hands for coffee, carrying children, or rummaging through the art stalls along the Seine.

(Shop the whole look below.)

Let the long shirttail hang out below your cropped jacket. And see how I ever-so-slightly ruffed my jeans at the hem? I just made that up. Ruffed = roll + cuff. You don't want it to look perfect; keep it kind of messy and ruff 😉

A collared blouse frames the face so nicely. And creates the perfect stage for a necklace. You can keep it simple with a delicate gold chain or wear a statement necklace.


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