What To Wear To A Fall Harvest Party

Tina, here.

About this time of year I receive one of my most favorite invitations in the mail, a Bonfire and Harvest Party. There are hayrides, s'mores, bluegrass pickers on the porch, and lots of folks and food. And there's a crispness in the air that I love. (Jeff? Hello? Should I be expecting the invite again this year? Please?)

I also get lots of "what should I wear" questions. There are a couple big points:

  • Boots that can get muddy
  • Jeans or pants you don't mind sitting on the ground in or on a log (ok, so I'm wearing white cords, but I have a good Stain Remover)
  • Layers, as in  a warm flannel shirt plus a jacket you can shed if you need to ( a vest is great for this)

Shop the look:


I'll typically take a Harvest Party or Bonfire as an opportunity to indulge my love of hat-wearing. You see, I love hats, but I feel awkward wearing them because I don't like the attention they inevitably draw. But a nighttime bonfire is perfect because it's dark. And it seems less conspicuous.

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I love my tartan blankets. Here is a really beautiful one you could use inside, or for a fall festival bonfire!

If you don't get that invitation, join me in my backyard for a little fall festival of our own. And we'll all wear hats!

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