Why Is This The Most Flattering T-Shirt Ever? Here's Why.

Tina, here.

When it comes to what you should have in your closet, the rule of thumb is to have twice as many tops as bottoms. In summertime, that means loads of t-shirts. But t-shirts are so, hmmm, so "street" if I may. With looser styles being all the rage, it's hard to make a t-shirt contribute to a flattering ensemble. I wear a lot of long sleeve linen blouses with rolled-up sleeves. But sometimes, only a t-shirt will do. Especially in our primarily casual world. What is a stylish girl to do?

Invest in a knot tee. Or two. But it has to be a specific kind. It has to be a side knot tee.

A twisted side knot tee is super flattering for two reasons: 1. Anything that cuts a diagonal across your body is slimming. 2. The scrunching effect caused by the side knot creates a waist, thus an hourglass.


Here are some great side knot tees.

Since most of these tend to be crew neck, be sure to cut the neckline with a necklace.


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