What Is Winning In Fall Fashion Right Now?

Tina, here.

Ahhhh. Fall Fashion. Beautiful words. If you've been in any of the big box stores lately (Michael's, TJ's, Target, etc), you've already spotted Hallowe'en decorations. Egads. But the truth is, fall is upon us. And there is something new that's winning in fall fashion I've noticed.

Pink. Orange. P'orange.

Yes, pink is in for fall. But not paired with my forever favorite white, but with traditional fall colors like army green, olive, rust and terracotta. It's a tone-on-tone symphony of color. And I'm trying it out.

My blouse is ancient J. Crew, but I found a fab (and bold) pink and orange (p'orange) top here and a darling skirt here. The way to make them early-fallish is to pair them with something denim, like a denim jacket or chambray top, and some earth-toned jewelry. Keep scrolling for more outfit ideas.

I'm wearing my army green skinnies with what I used to consider a spring / summer blouse. Now, instead of wearing pink and orange with white jeans, I'll be transitioning them into fall quite nicely with a warmer palette of orange, rust, terracotta, and members of the brown family.

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Pink and orange actually feel good worn this way - a bit more sophisticated and surely more somber when paired with an unexpected palette.

What do you think? Are you into it or not? It was fun for this shoot, but I have to say I did not feel like myself. I actually like the outfits I put together here better than the one I'm wearing. But since I wear what I have in my closet to illustrate for you how to reinvent your wardrobe every season, that's what we got, dolls. I'm going shopping! 😉

Thanks for reading!



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