You'll Never Guess What Pants I'm Wearing

Tina, here.

This is one of those things I never thought I'd wear, much less write about. I love chinos, but army green? I used to be SO opposed to civilians wearing this color because I wanted our servicemen and women to feel special. But, I'm still pretty adamantly opposed to army green camo pants on civilians, especially ladies, but I've grown softer towards the color in general. And let's be honest, army green is SUCH a great early Spring/ early Fall color! So I wore them last Fall, and here I am wearing them now. I love these by Gap in cucumber peel, and they're on major sale!

Paired with a blush pink v-neck sweater and a crisp blazer, the chinos feel a bit more sophisticated.

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Crinkled and kinda rough is fine for chinos. I even like them rolled a bit with heels! Here are some outfits I'd put with my chinos:

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