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The Best In Early Fall Knits For Summer To Fall Transition

It's a crazy time to dress in August. It's stinkin' hot but we're going to kids' football games. During the transition, you can still wear your summer clothes, just in different combinations. Here are some ideas for how to put it all together, and if you need to fill in some holes, check out the lists below before scrolling down to see how to wear your clothes!

Knit Skirts

Knit Tees and Tops

Knit Dresses

How To Wear Your Summer Knits In Early Fall

Start by changing your palette. You'll hear me talking a lot about this during August and September. Every year. It's such a simple, yet often missed key to good dressing during the transition of seasons. You can still wear white, but pair with earth tones. And start adding texture.

A summer skirt goes right into the early and hot days of August by adding texture like satin and velvet. When the temps start to drop at night, add a lightweight suede jacket.

Switch out your closet from bright summer colors to warmer earth tones.

White jeans go right into fall by pairing them with warm neutrals. You can add a pair of booties, too. People are always asking us when you can start wearing booties. The answer is anytime you want, but they start to look especially appropriate when the nights and mornings are just a tad cooler.

August is also a great time to start adding in animal prints. But of course, you can wear them all year long, too.

It can be hard to dress up during the transition. A dark green knit dress you can dress up with black pumps and pearls will go anywhere this time of year - a wedding, funeral, or party.

More great transitional shopping coming all month long!

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