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There are 3 basic rules for wearing flats the right way.

1. The number 1 rule is to avoid round toe ballet flats altogether.

It's all about vertical planes over horizontal planes. I talk about this all the time. You want to draw the eye to the center of your body, and up and down, creating a long and lean look, not across the body, creating a widening effect. You can achieve this with vertical stripes over horizontal, v-neck t-shirts over crew neck, and almond or pointy toe flats over round toe. Adults who wear round toe ballet flats have what look like child-feet and legs: short and wide. That's because the round toe abruptly stops the long line, whereas the tapered almond or pointy toe creates the illusion of longer legs (and prettier feet).

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Fall Flats 

I generally prefer pointy toe flats, but it can be difficult to find comfortable pairs. You've got to have a wide enough toe box so you're toes aren't cramped, and you need some arch support and the tiniest bit of a raised heel. These are tried and tested by me and I find them to be comfortable on my feet.

Wides available in some of these styles!

These are more expensive, but I've tried most of them on and found them to be comfortable.

Athleisure has taken on a life of its own in the fashion world, which means yoga pants and sneakers don't cut it anymore (thank god in heaven above). So pair your cool sneakers with ankle jeans or chinos, knit midi-skirts, anything but yoga pants.

Shop now before items sell out! And your feet will be so happy!

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