How to Buy a Spring Coat

Tina, here.Snow in March.  Just another typical Nashville Spring day.  Especially ironic when it falls after Spring Break and you have to hide your tan under coats and tights.  What a waste of a good tan! Pink & Grey: a perfect combo for a dreary Spring day.  Kate Beckinsale via lifeisaluxury For more on how […]

Core Wardrobe: Everything You Need Now

Tina, here.So did you toss your shapeless, crunchy travel clothes?  Did you eliminate your potato shoes, aka those oh-so-comfy I mean -clunky Merrells and Danskos?  Are all your caprigos (that's a new twist, isn't it!) gone?Good.You are ready for The List. To get The List, keep reading.The List is about timeless classics.  It's about QGT, […]