10 10, 2017

Every Day Is A Fall Boots Kind Of Day

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Tina, here. We've had a really mild fall. As in, I've been pretty upset it hasn't been cooler. Because who doesn't want to wear boots and sweaters after Labor Day?? For all you lovely friends in warmer climates like Texas and Florida, you, too, can partake in fall wardrobing simply by buying the right fabrics. [...]

16 08, 2016

Tall Fall Boots - A Must Have For Every Woman's Fall Wardrobe

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Tina, here. I start wearing boots as soon as it seems reasonable for a southern girl to do so...August? That's reasonable, don't you think? I knew you'd agree with me. But of course there are rules for wearing boots when it's still SUMMER. And here are mine. Note: I'll be wearing these boots all fall [...]