Core Wardrobe: Coats

Tina, here.You need a coat, even if you live in the South like we do.  Because you visit people in cold climates, and every once in a while it actually turns cold here.  One thing I love about Nashville is that we have 4 seasons.  It gets cold in winter.  Sometimes even snows.  I heart […]

Core Wardrobe: Everything You Need Now

Tina, here.So did you toss your shapeless, crunchy travel clothes?  Did you eliminate your potato shoes, aka those oh-so-comfy I mean -clunky Merrells and Danskos?  Are all your caprigos (that's a new twist, isn't it!) gone?Good.You are ready for The List. To get The List, keep reading.The List is about timeless classics.  It's about QGT, […]