24 10, 2017

The Handbags You Need Now + VIDEO: The Best Investment Handbags

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Tina, here. A handbag is a woman's calling card. And sidekick. And SO. In my case, I'm a serial handbag dater. But I know lots of you are playing the field. And that's fine, it just means I wouldn't spend a lot on any one date, er, bag. When you're a serial handbag dater like I am, it [...]

11 07, 2015

All-American Style: The New Sporty Chic

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Take a look at the new All-American Sporty Chic. It's a little bit Palm Beach preppy, a tad East Coast collegiate with a dash of West Coast laid-back style.

3 07, 2014

The All-American Summer Wardrobe

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Tina, here. I'm the girl who cries during the National Anthem.  Every time.  I glare at guys who don't show our flag respect by not taking their caps off and talking through the Pledge of Allegiance.  I've tried to memorize the Gettysburg Address (you know, Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on [...]

27 08, 2013

Back to School Fashion Reading List

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Tina, here. While your kids are buying textbooks and you're selling things on eBay to pay for them, how about a reading list of your own you won't mind tucking into during homework hour? Here are my favorite resources for all things fashion and style.  You're quite welcome. Best fashion and lifestyle books: Ralph Lauren, [...]

26 09, 2012

How Do You Say Hermès, S'il Vous Plait?

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Tina, here.  [New pins added to our board "How To Wear It"]Have you been avoiding the regular use of words like Hermès, Louboutin, and Chanel for fear of mispronouncing them and provoking this kind of dismissive scowl from your fashion-y friends in the know?Ms. Wintour is not impressed.My fair ladies, Hermès, Louboutin, and Chanel are [...]

20 06, 2012

What You'll Be Wearing This Fall

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Tina, here.  I am a Fall/Winter girl.  I love cashmere, suede, boots, and snow.  So I'm trying to make it through the summer months until we can start wearing knubby tweeds, embroidered velvets, merlot-stained woolens and fair-isle shawls.  (Have you heard about our Exclusive Nordstrom Anniversary Pre-Sale event? Shop Fall fashion on sale with us. [...]

30 04, 2012

Hairstyles for the Cool and Glamorous

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Tina, here.  So last week we posted on hats.  Which raised the issue of hair. I've been researching hairstyles lately because I've worn my hair basically the same way since high school.  I'm 41 now.  Is this wrong?  The day is coming when I, too, will have to change it up.  So here's a peek into [...]