11 04, 2016

How To Wear A Winter Dress In Spring

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Tina, here. It's time to put away your winter clothes. Or is it? Not if you're willing to wear them into spring with a few adjustments. As you've heard us say, or preach more like it, if you buy the right clothes, and know how to wear them, you'll have endless outfits and always feel [...]

5 04, 2016

Rediscover Spring Coats

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Oh beauties, you’re gonna love us for this spring must-have. A spring coat is your ticket to wearing all the pretty sleeveless dresses and tops you want.

15 06, 2015

How To Look Chic In A Summer Rainstorm

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But seriously, what do you wear when it's hot and humid AND raining? Here's how to look chic in a summer rainstorm.

16 04, 2015

You Need A Spring Raincoat

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You need a spring raincoat that doesn't look like a parachute or tent. You need a spring raincoat that is an outfit completer not an outfit ruiner.

16 03, 2015

Why I Love Trench Coats

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The trench coat. It's on just about every stylish woman's must-have list and favorite things to wear. It is très chic in every way and today I'm going to show you why I love trench coats and how to wear one.

2 03, 2015

You Need A Dress

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My mother wore what she called day dresses. They are cool in summer. They are easy to move around in, and they are just so feminine. They can be casual, too. If you haven't worn dresses for some time, let's give it a go this spring, what do you say? Change is good. It keeps you young and agile.

6 02, 2015

I'm Ready For Spring: Early Spring Outfits You Can Copy

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Fie on the groundhog. I'm ready for spring. So I wore my white jeans twice this week. Granted one day I wore them with my wool fisherman sweater and boots. But still, white jeans, ladies. Here are some great early, and I do mean early, spring outfits you can copy.

8 02, 2013

10 Clothing Items Every Woman Needs, Pt.II

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Tina, here.Did you enjoy Part I of the 10 Items Every Woman Needs? Have you found those five items yet?  I got a lot of emails from readers! And I love hearing from you!Well, here's the rest of the list, Part II of the 10 Clothing Items Every Woman Needs.  They work for Every Woman.  [...]