Announcing Member Exclusive! My Summer Capsule Wardrobe & Style Album

Tina, here.

I'm practicing what I preach in a big way: less is more. I am living with a capsule wardrobe this Summer. And I'm sharing it with you, the pieces that made the cut, and how I am styling them all Summer long.

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Fewer options doesn't mean less style. Where do you even start to create a fabulous outfit? Is there some kind of formula? Well, yes there is! You need to know the 3 most important rules for putting together lovely outfits so you feel amazing every day.

Here's part of the Style Album I made for myself. My "gift" is creating multiple outfits from a small collection of pieces so that it only feels like you're wearing new outfits all the time.

You can see the whole Summer Capsule Wardrobe by clicking on the Guide below.

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You can shop all outfits from the Capsule in our Latest Loves using the filters, like t-shirts or summer jeans.

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Thank you for visiting! Can't wait to see what makes the cut for your Summer Capsule Wardrobe!