Shop Tina's October Must-Haves

Tina, here.
Happy Favorite (mine) Month Of The Year! October is here!

It's time to add some essential building blocks to your wardrobe that will take you through fall, and into the holiday season that starts next month. With the essentials already in place in your closet, you can mix and match to draw out as many outfits as possible. Shop the essentials  +  all my outfits below!

Shop Tina's October Must-Haves

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1. Overcoat

There are 2 problems with winter coats. (1.) They can make you look lumpy. (2.) They can make you sweat. Even if you live in a mild climate during the winter months, don't you crave wearing a fabulously stylish, warm and cozy coat? Good news: there are some amazing coats that are unlined yet still structured enough not to rob you of your shape. So you still look svelte, and you wont' sweat while wearing a sweater underneath. If you need a warmer coat, definitely go the lined route. Shop both options below.

Unlined Coats

Lined Coats

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Wear the Coat:


2. Hard-working Sweater

Sweaters are like summer t-shirts. You need a couple basic neutral ones, like your white tees, you can throw on with jeans or tuck into a pencil skirt; and you need a few extra fun ones that make your fall and winter wardrobe feel not so bleak.

Wear the Sweater.


3. Tall Boots

Because, well, it's fall. And you can walk an entire city in a good pair of boots this month just as easily as you can wear them to a holiday party next month. I'll show you how.

Wear the Boots.

4. Something Plaid

Plaid and florals. Together. Fun and retro and modern all at once. But, big caveat. Keep your plaids and florals in scale with your frame. Big windowpane checks and splotchy florals add weight to your frame.

Wear the Plaid.

5. Brown Satchel

A brown bag can be so much more elegant and rich and sophisticated than black. Black bags are everywhere. Brown bags are rare. And brown handbags go with EVERYthing. You think black does, but really, brown looks better.

Carry the handbag.

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Thanks for reading! And I hope you enjoy your fall wardrobe as much as I do. It's my favorite.



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