Hot Fall Color: Brown Is The New Black

Tina, here.

This season we've finally seen some new ways to wear our clothes. It's been a welcome change from the ubiquitous skinny jeans and ankle booties uniform everyone's been wearing the past 4 years. But this fall season, we have new jeans and slit hem pants.  And color. Pink, we know, is huge for fall and winter. And, have you heard - brown is too. Don't pass it off so quickly. There are beautiful, rich and sophisticated browns that will do wonders for your own coloring. Where black can be stark and harsh against a fading visage, brown can soften the shadows and brighten your features.

And, in related news, you know you can wear brown and black together, right? This is one of my all-time favorite color(ish) pairings, after, of course, white and ivory. Think about leopard print. Right? So good together. To choose the right brown, look for one with some sheen, like silksuede (even faux) or velvet. And there are loads of browns to choose from, deepest ebony to plum and all the way to beige.

I prefer deep brown tones like walnut, mocha and cognac. I can wear camel easier on my bottom half than next to my face. Plum looks good on almost everyone. But, pairing black with ANY brown will instantly up the style ante and give off an air of cool, modern sophistication.

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Dark Browns like Coffee, Mocha and Cognac


Red Browns like Copper and Plum


Light Browns like Caramel and Honey


Give it a try! You probably already have the elements in your closet - just pair them in new ways and see how many outfits you really have!

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