Every Day Is A Fall Boots Kind Of Day

Tina, here.

We've had a really mild fall. As in, I've been pretty upset it hasn't been cooler. Because who doesn't want to wear boots and sweaters after Labor Day?? For all you lovely friends in warmer climates like Texas and Florida, you, too, can partake in fall wardrobing simply by buying the right fabrics. I've got some great warm, fall day outfits and some good ones for cooler days, too.

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Every Day Boots

No matter what the temps are, you can wear boots. Isn't that great news!

The Look For Less

Tall Boots

I am a big fan of tall boots, especially in brown and cognac. Con-yak. I go into detail about why in the video, and I think you'll be persuaded once you hear my argument. Tall boots are much preferred IMHO over OTK boots (over the knee boots). That's because you can wear them with SO many more outfits, and I think OTK boots are a trend that won't be around forever. They have lasted longer than I thought - see what else I was wrong about. I also urge you to shy away from boots with a lot of doo-dads like buckles and other extraneous hardware which can make your feet look bigger. The simpler and cleaner the better. Unless it's done extremely well.

The trick is getting boots that fit your calves. I have discovered that a really good cobbler can narrow the shaft IF there is no zipper OR the zipper goes all the way up and down the boot. It's not ideal, but I've had it done a few times successfully. Stretch suede boots tend to fit narrow calves to wider calves, and some brands make extended calf boots. Here are some great options:

Classic Tall Boots

Stretch Suede Tall Boots

These boots have stretch suede shafts to accommodate most calf circumferences.


Ankle Booties

I'm also a fan of ankle booties (similar to mine) because they are SO versatile! You can wear them with skinny jeans, under bootcut and flare jeans, and some of them with skirts. SOME. Really, the only booties I like with skirts and dresses are the ones with a cut-out "V" on the front of the ankle. This is so you don't get kankles.

"V-Neck" Booties

I like showing just a TAD of the leg between skinny jeans and booties. If your skinny jeans or pants are too long, you can scrunch them a bit over the tops of the booties, but don't ever tuck them into the booties, or pull them over the booties. Scrunching? That's explained here.

Printed Booties


Get your boots now before they sell out - boots are notorious for being completely gone by the end of October. Same as good handbags and coats, which is why I'll be bringing you my lists for these as well! Stay tuned here!

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